Disposing of Used Motor Oil

Oil can get into waterways polluting the water we drink along with harming wildlife and the natural environment. One gallon of improperly disposed of used oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of water. Also, recycling oil allows the used to oil to be refined and reused as lubrication oil or in some cases be burned for energy. Amounts less than 5 gallons can be recycled at most automotive centers. Transfer stations may charge a fee.

Locations Accepting Used Oil
Name Address Further Information Notes
Advanced Auto Parts 113 Northside Dr., Bennington (802) 442-0779 Also accepts transmission fluid
Tractor Supply 300 Depot St., Bennington (802) 440-9937 Up to 5 gallons
O’Reilly Auto Parts 211 Northside Dr., Bennington (802) 442-0858 Up to 10 gallons
Warren’s Garage 5487 Main St., Manchester Ctr. VT (802) 362-1131 Also accepts transmission fluid
GWC Auto Repair 123 Tennis Way, East Dorset, VT (802) 362-2007 Also accepts transmission fluid
Bennington Transfer Station 904 Houghton Lane, Bennington, VT 05201 http://www.casella.com/dropoff/vt/bennington

(800) 499-4370

For residents of Bennington and Woodford
Pownal Transfer Station Mapel Grove Rd., Pownal, VT 05201 (800) 379-1470 For residents of Pownal
Sunderland Transfer Station 4561 Sunderland Hill Rd., Sunderland http://www.casella.com/dropoff/vt/arlington-0

(800) 499-4370

For residents of Arlington,
Dorset, Manchester,
Manchester Village,
Sandgate, and Sunderland
Northshire Transfer Station 310 Tennis Way, East Dorset http://www.casella.com/dropoff/vt/dorset-0

(800) 499-4370

Shaftsbury Shaftsbury Transfer Station, 526 North Rd., Shaftsbury, VT 05262 http://www.shaftsbury.net/transfer-station.php

(802) 442-4043

For residents of Shaftsbury