COVID19 Response

Staying Safe:

We ask all Vermonters to take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their community members safe. For further information on COVID-19 visit:

Vermont Department of Health at: https://www.healthvermont.gov/response/infectious-disease/2019-novel-coronavirus

Vermont Emergency Management at: https://vem.vermont.gov/covid19

Limit Materials to Drop Offs and Retailers:

To reduce the spread of COVID19, and in accordance of Vermont Governor Scott’s “Stay Home/Stay Safe” order, residents and businesses are asked to limit drop-offs at transfer stations to include ONLY trash, recyclables, and food scraps at this time. Please do not bring large household items such as furniture or tires to your transfer stations. Please also refrain from bringing electronic waste, mercury containing bulbs or batteries.

The hardworking staffs at transfer stations need to be kept safe. This means they are practicing physical distancing and minimizing their contact with the public wherever possible. In addition, residents are asked not to bring electronic waste, paint, batteries, and mercury containing bulbs to area retail locations that usually participate in collection programs. They are all doing their best while serving the public to keep their workers and the public safe.

Expect most in-person outlets that accept used clothing (Goodwill/Salvation Army) are closed and have suspended home pickups during the pandemic.

Additional updates from government authorities regarding solid waste disposal as they become available can be found on this website or contact Paula Kamperman at (518) 788-2553 or [email protected].

Redemption of Vermont’s Bottle Bill Containers:

Due to the anticipated spread of the COVID-19 virus and the current state of emergency declared by Governor Phil Scott, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will allow retailers and redemption centers to temporarily stop redemption services to reduce unnecessary person-to-person contact and possible virus transmission and to let grocers to focus on restocking food shelves and other needed work to assure availability of groceries.

DEC recommends residents check with redemption centers before bringing containers to redeem. If your retailer has closed or chosen not to accept beverage containers during this period, you can delay redemption until locations re-open for normal business. Or, you can place redemption containers in your regular recycling; all unclaimed deposits will go to the Vermont Clean Water Fund.

All deposit containers will continue to retain their redemption value.

For questions about Vermont’s bottle bill, or this pause in enforcement, contact Becky Webber with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation at 802-522-3658, or [email protected].

Tips for supporting the recycling industry during the pandemic:
  • Freeze your food to make your supplies last longer and reduce food waste.
  • Store leftover foods in reusable containers instead of single use plastic bags or Polystyrene foam containers.
  • Don’t throw loose plastic bags in with other recyclables, and don’t bag your recyclables. Collect your plastic bags to take back to the grocery stores once the pandemic is over.
  • Keep food and liquids out of your recycling. Recycle clean bottles, cans, paper
    and cardboard.
  • Latex and other disposable gloves go in the trash – not your recycling container.

Additional precautions when dropping off materials at solid waste facilities can be found here.

Click here to watch the video BCSWA Managing Solid Waste During COVID-19