08/06/2014 Minutes

From: Michael S. Batcher

Subject: August 6, 2014 SWIP Planning Meeting Minutes

Date: August 11, 2014

Town Representatives: Keith Squires (Arlington), Rob Gaiotti (Dorset), Dave Kiernan (Shaftsbury), Mitch Race (Shaftsbury), Nancy Bushika (Stamford), Hap Percey (Pownal)

BCRC Staff: Michael S. Batcher

Location and Time: Arlington Town Hall – 4:00 to 6:00 PM

SWIP Template: Michael reviewed the VT ANR template for the SWIP which outlines specifically what we need to provide. More…

02/04/15 Minutes

From:    Michael S. Batcher

Subject:   February 4, 2015 SWIP Planning Meeting Minutes

Date:    February 9, 2015

Town Representatives:  Keith Squires (Arlington), Stu Hurd (Bennington), Rob Gaiotti (Dorset), Sandy Gaszek (Searsburg), Mitch Race  (Shaftsbury), Dave Kiernan (Shaftsbury), Nancy Bushika (Stamford), Steve Bendix (Sunderland), Bette Charette and Mike Charette (Woodford)

Not in Attendance: Ricky Harrington (Glastenbury), More…